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The typical banker simply does not have the time, training or experience to physically examine an aircraft and its maintenance records or analyze the market to determine an opinion of value.  Using unreliable sources such as desktop appraisal reports, numbers from books and statements from brokers or dealers places an unnecessary risk on the bank when aircraft are involved because aircraft are like no other property that the bank takes as collateral - including real estate.  For example, two aircraft that are one serial number apart may have very different values due to their equipment and maintenance history - just to name two items.  In many cases, the bank is provided with information that excludes key details which greatly impact the final opinion of value.  Furthermore, a simple set of numbers may not meet the documentation expectations of bank examiners.  No one wants to unknowingly exceed the bank's policy or lending limits but the use of unreliable sources and unsupported reports increases this likelihood.  A more professional approach would use an unbiased trained professional who physically examines the aircraft and provides the bank with a report that meets or exceeds industry norms and standards to properly manage their collateral.

Plane Data, Inc. works with banks and financial institutions across the United States as their agent and consultant to evaluate and document their aircraft collateral and assist them throughout the aircraft lending process.  Each appraisal includes an on-site examination of the aircraft, its contents and other relevant documentation.  The market value data primarily used for the appraisal is updated on a continuous basis (not quarterly as with many published guides) and is based on actual selling prices of aircraft that are obtained from trusted, credible sources.

In situations such as a bank examination or foreclosure, it is important to have documents on file that state the condition and contents of the aircraft at a specific point in time (usually at the beginning of the loan).  The reports supplied by Plane Data, Inc. provide that level of documentation and meet or exceed industry norms and recognized standards.  It is also important for a bank to have a subject matter expert on call to answer any questions that arise during the life of the loan.


Documenting the contents and condition of the aircraft is only one part of the process (an important part to be sure) but there are other activities associated with financing aircraft that Plane Data, Inc. provides assistance with.  These include - 

Title Services:  Working with the bank, Plane Data, Inc. will obtain a title search of the subject aircraft and its engines (if needed).  Some aircraft will also require a search of the aircraft's records with the International Registry (IR) as well.  At closing, Plane Data, Inc. will ensure that all records have been identified and obtained before funds are transferred so that the bank can successfully record their lien interests.

Closing Agent:  Simple items can cause an unnecessary delay in closing the deal and in the worst case scenario it can prohibit the bank from successfully recording their lien.  As the bank's Closing Agent, Plane Data, Inc. ensures that the proper documents are completed by all parties, signed correctly and the bank's lien is successfully recorded without delay. 

Log Book Replication:  The loss of log books can have a serious impact on the aircraft's value.  The Log Book Replication Service digitizes log book records for storage and easy retrieval.  It is most effective when coupled with an Appraisal Report or Collateral Inspection.

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Call 800-895-1382 for more information or to see how Plane Data, Inc. can help you.

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