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Price Matching

For a limited time, Plane Data, Inc. will price match any NAAA Aircraft Appraiser's price.  Specific conditions apply and this offer may be withdrawn at any time without notice.  Therefore, anyone wishing to take advantage of this offer should review the specific conditions below before requesting a quote.

Conditions of this Offer:

  • This offer applies ONLY to NAAA Certified Aircraft Appraisal Reports that involve an onsite examination of the subject aircraft and related records.  "Desktop Reports", quotes from non-NAAA members, previous NAAA members and USPAP Aircraft Appraisal Reports are NOT included as part of this offer.

  • The person requesting a quote MUST state that they wish to take advantage of this Price Match Offer before the services of Plane Data, Inc. are engaged.

  • Any competing quote must be current (within the preceding 30 days) and presented in writing to Plane Data, Inc. clearly showing the competing appraiser's name, address contact information and quoted appraisal rate in order to take advantage of this offer.  Verbal quotes do not qualify and quotes generated by the requestor do not qualify.

  • Written quotes provided by Plane Data, Inc. as part of this offer will be honored for 48 hours or two (2) business days and must be accompanied by a formal  engagement to take advantage of this offer. 

  • Once engaged by the client, no other quotes or offers will be considered.

  • This offer applies to the appraisal rate ONLY.  Other services are not impacted by this offer and standard rates will apply.

  • Plane Data, Inc. is not obligated to match a competitor's price and reserves the right to review the quote presented and determine whether to match the competing price.

  • This offer does not apply to typing errors on errors made on the part of the competing NAAA member.

  • Plane Data, Inc. reserves the right to deny requests, modify these terms at any time without notification and/or terminate this program/offer.


other information

Call 800-895-1382 for more information or to see how Plane Data, Inc. can help you.

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