These documents and articles may be helpful in your research:

Risk Management - This article was written by Mike Simmons and published by the National Aircraft Finance Association (NAFA). 

A Practical Guide to Aircraft Financing - This is a good introduction into the basic requirements of aircraft financing.

What You Need to Know Before Hiring an Aircraft Appraiser - The aircraft appraisal industry has no guidelines or regulations.  As a result, anyone (or any group) can claim to be an aircraft appraiser or part of an aircraft appraisal organization that may not actually exist.  This article was written after a client presented a report from two individuals who started their own organization but had very little creditability in their ethical behavior or appraisal process.

Service Request Form - This is the Engagement Form that begins the process.  Before downloading this form you should understand the current Terms and Conditions along with the pricing

The dangers of over-insuring aircraft:  There are two interesting articles that discuss what can happen if aircraft are over insured.  The key issue at hand is knowing and understanding the aircraft's "market value" which is a moving target over time.  Over insuring the aircraft can have negative consequences for the bank financing the loan as well as the owner - especially if higher premiums are considered.  When aircraft become damaged, it is sometimes better to simply take the check from the insurance company for the aircraft's market value than have the aircraft repaired and then faced with selling or disposing of an aircraft with extensive damage history.

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