Now YOU can be part of the largest and oldest organization that is focused exclusively on the evaluation and documentation of aircraft by becoming an NAAA Professional Member.


As an NAAA Professional Member, you will have access to the same market data NAAA Certified Aircraft Appraisers use along with NAAA Training and Support.  As you know, aircraft are like no other piece of property because there is no public database of aircraft values and each aircraft tends to be unique due to its maintenance history and equipment - just to name a few parameters.  No longer will you need to figure out how to account for damage history, missing log books, or determine how to apply a particular airframe or engine modification.  Now you will KNOW!  AND, you will have access to an NAAA Professional to help you with any problems or questions you encounter along the way - something a book laying on a desk simply cannot offer.  No longer will you need to rely on on published guides with inaccurate and outdated information or information from brokers/dealers/buyers and sellers.  Now, your bank can have access to the same data that has been relied upon by both the lending and legal industries for over 20 years - this is actual aircraft sales information (market values) gathered by the NAAA primarily from the banking industry and updated monthly

As an NAAA Professional member you will be able to provide a quick analysis of prospective aircraft before hiring an NAAA Certified Appraiser to see if the deal makes sense or if the aircraft is overvalued or overpriced but you will not be able to offer your services to the general public.

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