When you need a reliable and credible aircraft appraisal REPORT

Gain the upper hand and finance more confidently with a Plane Data Appraisal.

Reports issued by Plane Data, Inc. have been successfully used in hundreds of aircraft financing transactions and multiple court cases since 1992.

See for yourself how a certified Plane Data Appraisal can give you better information so you can make the best aircraft decision.

Buying an Aircraft

With Plane Data on your side, you’ll be negotiating pricing from a place of strength. Not only will you save time and money, but you’ll rest easy knowing that you’ve avoided costly mistakes and that your paperwork has been properly filed and recorded. Plus, our flat fee rates ensure that our interests align and that we’re fighting to keep costs low for you.

Financing an Aircraft

For small and mid-sized banks, aircraft loans can be a tricky business. We’ve partnered with dozens of banks across the nations to help them make solid, profitable aircraft loans while minimizing their risk. Not only can we help you determine the value of your collateral, but we can help you structure the loan and manage risk throughout the life of the loan.

Happy Clients

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