The Banker's Guide to Aircraft Financing

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  • Critical things every banker should know
  • Securing collateral and navigating title issues
  • Navigating aircraft reposessions and collateral management
  • Strategies for effective aircraft valuation and risk management
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What's Inside?

Chapter 1
Risk Management

  • Navigating risk management
  • The distinct nature of aircraft financing
  • Evaluating and documenting aircraft value
  • Necessity of comprehensive documentation
  • Unlocking the value of market understanding
  • Publication pitfalls and appraisal challenges
  • Debunking loan-to-value (LTV) myths
  • Effective risk management

Chapter 2
Aircraft Titles

  • Ensuring aircraft existence and airworthiness
  • The need for routine collateral inspection
  • Navigating title issues

Chapter 3
Aircraft Repossessions

  • Unique nature of aircraft repossessions
  • Securing aircraft and records during repossession
  • Recognizing the urgency of informed action
  • Addressing misconceptions about aircraft values
  • Market value vs. liquidation value
  • Challenges with current policies
  • Identifying and solving common issues
  • Universal solutions for varied banks

Chapter 4
Aircraft Valuation

  • Embracing comprehensive solutions
  • The significance of appraisals
  • Defining the legitimate appraisal
  • Choosing the right appraisal
  • Making informed choices
  • Choosing the right report
  • Choosing qualified appraisers
  • Differing evaluation approaches
  • Establishing accuracy and reliability
  • The unseen costs of inaccuracy