Appraisal Request Form

I hereby request that an appraisal be conducted utilizing the PAAO standard evaluation process on the aircraft listed below and provide me with a Certificate of Appraisal along with a signed copy of the final report. Plane Data, Inc. provides Services on a retainer basis. Payment must be identified and arranged before any information is provided to clients. Please select the preferred method of payment:

Payment Information

I understand that the inspection to be conducted pursuant to this request will be performed by a visual examination of the external surfaces of the aircraft, the cockpit and the passenger cabin, along with an inventory and assessment of condition of avionics, instrumentation, and aircraft systems. No inspection plates will be removed for internal inspection. Further, the log books and other aircraft records will be carefully examined for compliance with FAA regulations in relation to Airworthiness Directives, damage and maintenance history, along with other required inspection, signatures and certifications.

I understand and agree that any court appearances or expert witness testimony arising from, or in any way related to this appraisal will be paid at the current legal rate plus all travel expenses.

I agree that I am personally responsible for payment of services, late fees (if any), bad check fees (if any), and collection related fees (if required for balances exceeding 60 days) and clearly understand the fees involved.

Requestor Information

Aircraft Information

The Key Contact is the primary access to the aircraft and its records.